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Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality

Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality
Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality
Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality
Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality
Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality

Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality    Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality
This sale is for a Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR 4 Channel very very compact will fit in any small area. Total size of a the unit would be similar to 2 x 3.5 hardrives put together. This Digital Recorder comes fitted with a 500GB hardrive storage space. Condition is "Used" in good condition. 1x VGA cable (to connect the monitor to the DVR). Auto detection on power up. Time basecorrect video inputs for guaranteed recording performance. Live viewing, playback and recording. Alarmed or manually selected images can beprotected from being overwritten. True global record rates of up to 100pps (PAL), 120pps (NTSC) at CIF.

Assuming all camera channels are populated. CIF available at 25pps (PAL), 30pps (NTSC) per camera. 2CIF available at 12pps (PAL), 15pps (NTSC) per camera. D1/4CIF available at 6pps (PAL), 7pps (NTSC) per camera. Main Monitor: Composite or SVGA Output.

The unit is supplied with 500GB a storage option. The unit can also be supplied disk less for use with an external USB HDD (external USB HDD needs to be supplied seperately). REAL TIME LIVE MULTISCREEN DISPLAY.

The Eco4 displays images with realtime updates in live mode. Up to a quad screen. Integrated into the configuration web pages, the remote viewing client reflects the local on-screen user interface.

The Eco4 includes on board help videos for assistance on both User and Configuration features. The help videos cover all major operation and configuration topics include: BasicLive and Playback control, telemetry control, alarm configuration, eventreviewing and archiving. High quality recording and simultaneous video transmission using MPEG4 or JPEG for remote playback.

The Eco 4 has a unique Trans Coding engine which can convert evidential quality recorded JPEG images into an MPEG4 data stream on playback. This is especially useful when playing back recordings over a bandwidth limited network connection. Emails can be sent on alarm or other critical events. Notifies the following events on a camera by camera basis.

Line in: 1x 1Vpk-pk, RCA phono socket. Line out: 1x 1Vpk-pk, RCA phono socket.

Front panel keypad, an attached telemetry keyboard, the supplied IR remote, USB mouse or USB QWERTY Keyboard. NETWORK PROTOCOLS DCCP, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, IPv4, SMTP, Bonjour, ICMP, DNS, NTP, TCP, UPP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, RTP, Telnet, FTP, AoE, SNMP.

This unified system ensures that the installer is familiar with the configuration screens irrespective of their location to the unit, minimising training and familiarisation time and increasing the speed of installation and alteration to features. Normallyopen/closed tamper proof alarm inputs. One global keyswitch can be assigned to operate from any of these inputs and is configurable with entry/exit route timers.

2 relay outputs are configurable to trigger in response to events. Activity detection will switch the selected camera from normal record profile to alarm record profile. Choice of day, night or weekend scheduling offers the ability to automatically alter the record rate for background alarm and activity recording. Activation is via a timer or keyswitch alarm input. Timed expiry option allows images to be held for a selected number of days.

Images on the disk which are older than the number of days selected are not accessible. Built-in RS485/Twisted pair protocols provide direct control of the numerous domes including but not limited to the following.

Dedicated Micros Dennard 2040 to Dennard 2060. Honeywell / VCL Orbiter & Jupiter MicrospheresT. Eco4 can be controlled via IR remote, USB mouse or using a USBQWERTY Keyboard. SerialPorts: 1x RS485, 1x RS232. Ethernet: 1x Ethernet RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet connection. USB: 3 x USB 2.0 Connector. IR Remote: 1x IR sensor at the front of unit. Dimensions 42mm (H)x 205mm (W) x 143mm (D)Weight: 1.14 kg (2.51 lbs). OperatingTemperature: 6oC to 40oC Relative humidity: 10% - 85% Non-condensing. Dedicated Micros - part of AD Group - announces the launch of the new model of its popular Eco4 DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The completely redesigned four-channel unit - which is available from this month - is a powerful, yet compact, solution which is built around the company's NetVu Connected technology platform and offers instant access to all of its controls through a colour-coded menu structure and front panel buttons. When deployed the Eco4 has the potential to deliver true global record rates of up to 100 pps (PAL) at CIF resolution. A beneficial operational feature of the entry-level Eco4 DVR is its ability to offer simultaneous live viewing, playback and recording on all models so live monitoring can take place without impacting on what is being recorded. The small size and weight of the new Eco4 DVR at only 203x152x51 mm (8x6x2inches) and 1.1 kg (2.51 lbs) makes it an ideal choice for applications where space is at a premium, and provides greater flexibility over positioning of the unit during the installation process. In terms of specific users, the new Eco4 is seen as an attractive stand-alone solution for convenience stores and other small applications and, given its NetVu Connected capabilities - and competitive price point, it can also be economically integrated into more extensive surveillance infrastructures where it is wished to extend coverage of a site.

As well as the distinctive colour-coded buttons on the Eco4's front panel, which reflect the unit's on-screen menu structure, the DVR has an in-build IR sensor to support a remote control (available separately). It can also be controlled via a USB mouse or keyboard. For ease of use the GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been designed to be context sensitive so it only displays the most appropriate area of the menu to a user, allowing settings to be selected quickly and easily. The new Eco4 follows the trend of Dedicated Micros' latest products to come as standard with informative on-board help videos. These step-by-step videos are designed to assist with both user and configuration features.

Key topics covered include: basic live and playback control, telemetry control, alarm configuration, event reviewing and archiving. Being built around the Netu Connected technology core means, in practical terms, that the Eco4 can be operated, seamlessly, with NetVu Connected enabled products from Dedicated Micros and other AD Group companies as part of a single unified viewing solution. As a NetVu Connected DVR the Eco4 also benefits from industry-leading capabilities such as an in-built Transcoding engine which can convert evidential quality recorded JPEG images into an MPEG4 datastream for playback.

This is a particularly useful capability when playing back recordings on bandwidth-limited network connections. Turning to storage, the Eco4 is supplied with a 500GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Itis also available diskless so it can be used with an external USB HDD. For archiving and event copying, event and user defined sequences can be easily saved to external flash memory or hard disk drive via the Eco4's USB port. The new Eco4 has been designed to support a wide range of file formats including:JPEG, MPEG-4 and H. Pauline Norstrom, Director of Worldwide Marketing at Dedicated Micros said: Thenew Eco4, being NetVu Connected with colour-coded menus and on-board help videos, represents a major uplift in capability compared to its predecessor.

We believe that it will prove to be an extremely attractive proposition at the CCTV entry level offering many of the features of larger, more expensive models, in a compact and user friendly package. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Smart Home & Surveillance\Home Surveillance\Home Surveillance Parts & Accessories\Other Surveillance Parts & Accessories". The seller is "salemaster2000" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  1. Brand: Dedicated Micros
  2. Type: BNC Connector
  3. Items Included: Camera
  4. Model: Eco4
  5. Storage Capacity: 1TB
  6. Surveillance Technology: CCTV

Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality    Dedicated Micros Eco 4 DVR compact CCTV Recorder 500 GB D1 quality