Cctv Dvr Recorder

Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb

Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb
Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb
Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb
Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb

Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb   Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb
500 GB HARD DRIVE INSTALLED. NEW compact DVR motion recorder with loop function. 12v dc 1.5 amp power supply. 1 sound input as well. For home or mobile car/truck use.

Easily pull it out of your car & bring it in the house to watch back video. YOU CAN SEND THE 4 WAY SPLIT SCREEN TO ANY VIDEO LCD & RECORD ALL 4 OF YOUR CAMERAS IN A QUAD SPLIT 4 SCREEN FOR WEEKS OF STORAGE ON OUR MOBILE DVR. NTSC(usa, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Chile, Canada, Russia) Format ONLY. PAL IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR A HIGHER COST.


Q: Do I need a computer for this to record video? A: No , it is a stand alone DVR, & it records video to a hard drive you need to install. You can view video on a portable LCD monitor/ or VGA computer monitor or back up video files via usb front port using an external HDD or usb flash memory stick. Q: How do I power this DVR in my truck-car or home? A: Just connect the included 18 gauge 2 conductor positive +. Negative pigtail wire right to your fuse box, or anywhere a positive link is in you car, or wire it directly to your vehicles battery. Has white dashes on the cable. Ground is solid black with writing on the outer jacket =.

12v dc power supply included for home use. Cigarette lighter also available if needed, just ask.

Q: What cameras can I use on this DVR, & how do I power them? A: You can use ANY color, or black & white combo wireless ccd, cmos, digital, or analog video camera that has a standard BNC or RCA composite video output connection.

12v Cameras can be powered the same as the DVR, by using a pigtail positive negative connection. Any standard speaker cable 2 conductor will work fine for that. We also carry battery packs, & a cigarette lighter adapter if you don't want to directly wire it in your car. Q: Does this record sound?

Wireless cameras should only be used if you cannot physically run a wire to the camera location, or you are trying to be covert about where your recorder is hidden. Q: How long will this unit record using 1tb hdd? The Record time can vary depending on how much motion is sensed. The lower the frame rate=the longer the record time you will achieve, but the video will play back in frame shot pictures, & will not look as fluid as real time looks as if it was set on the highest frame rate setting. Set for continuous record at the highest frame rate using 4 cameras will record for around 3 full days then overwrite/loop.

Q: Do I need a monitor to record or view my cameras? A: You only need a monitor to set up & aim your cameras, or review play back of recorded video.

If you disconnect the monitor, the DVR will still record. You can also use your laptop/computer to live view the cameras in real time through usb & to aim your cameras or review video playback. Note : If using this DVR in your home, on your master TV set, you can easily connect it to one of your aux inputs on your tv's front or rear yellow RCA female video input jack & view your regular tv programming or switch to a live view of your cameras with a 1 button press on your remote.

Q: Is this unit quiet running or have a fan? A: Yes it is a very quiet operational unit with no fan.

Q: How do I mount this DVR? A: Mounts anywhere in your trunk, under your seat, & even on its side if needed with 2 simple.

Type brackets found at any hardware store. If using it in your home it can sit on top of any tv set or set on your display rack on a vcr or dvd player. Q: How many cameras will this unit support? A: Up to 4 cameras can be connected to the DVR.

Q: How do I play video back? A: You must first press the stop button on the DVR, then you can search by time & date/event motion trigger easily, & fast forward ff-rewind rew 2x, 4x, or 8x to quickly scan through the recordings. After you search the video, you must hit the record button again to re-arm the DVR. Q: How many monitors can be connected to this DVR? Your laptop can also be used as a 2nd monitor to view live video in real time. Q: Does this have internet access to view online cameras in real time? A: Yes it does if you connect with a modem or router. Q: How do I save recorded video? A: You either back up video directly to a computer or laptop with the included software. You can even use a vcr & record sound-video directly to a vhs tape, or use a hand held mini pocket dvr with av recording inputs. A: Yes you can, the DVR unit is password protected, & you can specify which cameras you want to be displayed for others to see. It will still record all the cameras, but just display a blue screen over the camera channel that is blacked out by you.

It is a setting in the menu that can be turned on or off easily. Q: Can I use this somewhere where there is no power? A: Yes, any 12v car type battery will work to power the unit, or daisy chain a few car batteries for extended record times. Even use a solar power panel if in a remote area, which we also carry, & we can also supply low volt drawing cameras if needed.

The DVR draws 2.5 amps or less. Q: What is the frame rate for each camera? A: 30fps per camera & 120 fps total. A: No, it is still recording all 4 cameras & you can still review playback in a 4 screen picture or in single camera full screen mode. It will record all the cameras connected to the DVR no matter how you are viewing them in real time.

Q: What happens when the hard drive gets full? A: When the hdd is full, it will automatically loop & overwrite the earliest recorded video, or you can set the DVR to stop recording in the menu. Q: What about the cold or hot weather, will it affect the DVR recording?

A: We have not had any recording problems using this DVR in the cold Michigan weather, or the hot weather of Arizona, so it is ok I would say for any application. Q: How can I view my cameras on all my TV sets in the house? A: That can be done by using a digital rf modulator which connects directly after your cable or satellite coaxial incoming signal, & you can filter out some tv channels you do not watch, & when the tv set is turned to that channel in the house, the cameras will appear on the selected channels in 4 screen mode if thats the way you have your DVR display set. Q: When I turn off my car ignition will the DVR still record?

A: Yes it will still record as long as you have it connected to a live fuse or directly to the vehicle's battery. If you are not sure on how to wire this in your car/truck, any car stereo dealership can attach, direct hot wire, & even extend the DC power pigtails for you for a small labor charge. A: When the power comes back on, your DVR will start recording automatically. To save video evidence files. The key is to use the PC Viewer software that comes with the viewer.

The software can be used easily to que up to the video to be saved. It will take 2 or 3 times longer than real time with a typical computer. Once the incident is captured it has to be played back with the software that comes with the recorder. I first thought that this was a disadvantage vs using the AVI or JPEG capture, but I have come to appreciate that this adds some security as it is not easy to have someone access the video unless they know how to.

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Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb   Mobile Dvr Cctv Security Digital Video Recorder 500gb